Friday, 20 July 2012

Working 9 to 5

Good Morning Beans,

So yesterday we banished away our summer boredom on a non-existent budget! But what if you need a bit of extra dough. Maybe for your rent over the summer, a new wardrobe, or you just want a booze fund by the time you get back, you need a summer job. Easier said than done.The job market is not fab at the moment, we all know that, but there are opportunities out there for us students looking for some extra beans.

Here's my top 5 tips for bringing home the bacon

1. Pain is temporary, and so are jobs
Temping, office Temps to be precise. Whether you know what you want to go into to or not after uni. Basic admin skills will always put you in good stead. Temps jobs are a fantastic bit of experience in a wide range of careers. I've been a receptionist, a data cleanser, a scanner, a tea maker and I've even been a Financial Crime Associate. Some positions are just a week, others 3 months, but they normally pay pretty well it averages at about £7 an hour. To get these fab jobs I'd advise going through an agency. Have a bit of a mooch on the web and in your local newspaper but agencies are great for handling the headaches of paperwork and tax stuff and they do the searching for you. I work for a fantastic agency called Tulip recruitment, based in Basingstoke, but national groups like Reed and Pertemps are good to. Give an agency a call email your C.V and then become the ultimate black and white Forest animal. The badger, remind them how fab you are!!! If you don't hear from them in a fortnight then you've probably fallen into the circular filing cabinet, the bin. Don't Panic though i still have 4 more tips to get you the perfect summer job

2. How do you look in a red coat?
Holiday parks can't afford to hire staff all your round, what would be the point. But over their very busy summer period these places are desperate for staff from cleaning chalets, to entertaining kids seasonal workers are hired to make their customers trip as magic as possible. Don't panic if you live really far away either. Some of these places will often chalet accommodation for you at a very small price. If your paying for accommodation the money isn't great your probably talking about £4 an hour 'after expences', but your getting a free holiday too. Its not just in the UK too, you have programmes like PGL, were you work abroad!You cant beat the atmosphere in these places and i guarantee you'll have a summer you will never forget!!
Check their individual websites for more detail or have a look at PGL, I've chucked a link here for you
P.S stick away from camp you have to pay for!!! Camp America you pay them £500 to work for them!!

3. There's no place like home
Remember when you were a kid and you used to tidy your room for pocket money? Well think bigger. If your parents work all day perhaps suggest you'll get some of the DIY or big cleaning jobs done for them. You could ask your neighbours and relatives to! My brother last year spent 3 days repainting our hallway to pay for a festival ticket, while I tended to the veggie patch for a little spare cash. Your parents will be grateful, you've not had to pay any transport to get to work. And you can flop straight down on the sofa when your done and watch telly!

4. Set Sale
Summer sales, no i have not lost my way and started spending all my well earned beans!! I'm searching for jobs!!! Sales can be manic for retail stores are quite regularly they'll bring on some temporary staff just for 2-3 weeks, this could be you! Take a wodge of C.V with blank cover letters, take them into to town with you and find all the shops with Hiring signs! If you've got the time give these places a call before, then you can be super prepared (try and get the manager name, so you can address a cover letter to them) I've worked in retail for 4 years in various different stores and I love it. Its fun your kept busy and even if your colleagues are unfriendly you have tonnes of customer to have a natter with. Just cause your not sticking around though doesn't mean you can slack. Work extra hard and perhaps when it get Christmas time they'll have you back again to work for them!!

5. Do you want fries with that?
I know I know I know! Maccy D's is not the dream place to work. But don't put your nose up to fast food chains. They're constantly recruiting, and they're not too fussy. If you haven't had a job before they're a very good jumping of point. The will fully train you, its not to shabby pay and hey a job is a job! No excuses here are one of the bad boys in nearly every town best thing is when your strapped for cash at uni (because you've not been following my tips!) just apply to your local branch and I'm sure they would gladly have you. No it is not the most glamorous job, and you will go home smelling of chip fat oil and despair, but its work. Someone has to do it

From the Mac Daddy of student spending

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