Thursday, 19 July 2012

Relax, dont do it

Good Morning Students,

Whether your just waking up or perhaps even just getting in; there's one thing we have in common. All us lucky students are in the midst of a 3 month long summer holiday. Some of you freshers-to-be will be eagerly awaiting you A-Level results, and the rest of us are just making sure we've passed the year at uni! Luckily my wait was over a fortnight a go and i happy to be able to publish to the blogsphere that i will officially be returning to the University of Winchester in September 2012.
But it can get really difficult to fill our summer months, of course theres the initial post uni catch up with all those old school acquaintances that you never really missed 'OMG, hows uni' 'OMG, Its great' 'OMG blah blah blah blah blah'. If your like me you'll have had a big spring clean because you realise you must cram your university hall room back into your box of a bedroom back home. And i expect some of you freshers will be tralling wilkinsons and tescos for saucepans and cutlery and contemplating stocking up on loo roll for the year (well if mum and dad paying for it!!! XD). Unfortunatly not all of us can afford a girly holiday to Shagaluf or A boys banging bonanza in Benidorm, and all those trips you hyperthetically planned over email with your besties just havent materialised into actual days out. But when those purse string are tight it can seem pretty tricky to keep ones-self busy

So lets banish the boredom!!!!
Here are my five easy tips to keep yourself entertain this summer. And they all cost less than a tin of beans

1. On your bike.
Remember when you were a kid an you went exploring, made little hide out dens and pissed of old negihbours play knock down ginger and your only transport was your trusty two wheel friend. Well dust of those wheels, dig out your helmet and get peddling. Whether your cycling for an adventure, going to see a friend, or maybe saving yourself some bus fare, go and feel the wind through your hair. All those little journeys you'd hop into your little 1 litre car for, cycle instead. Think of all the petrol money you can save!
Not a biker? Dig out the rest of the crap in your shed, never know you may still fit your roller blades!!!

2. Playtime
Here's one the boys will like, although ive quite enjoyed having a go myself. Remember all those videogames you had as a kid; Mario, Spyro, Crash Bandycote. Well dig out your old consoles and give yourself a reminder. Me and the boyfriend have been trying re-complete Rayman now for two months, i cant get past the 3rd level without his help!!! Maybe challenge your friends to a gaming night, or have a race to see who can finish the game first. If you've got a playstation 3 your PS1 games will still work in the game, just give them a good dust of first, and this does mean you still get quite good graphic for such old technology. Some of you may have heard of Sims Social too. Im not really much of a gamer, but i loved sims as a pre-teen. If you cant reload your old discs, dont going buying the new ones. Just upload sims social on facebook. Its free, its fun, and now you can intarct with your friends on it. So dont go an buy the latest game when you've £50 worth of gamin hiding in the loft

3. Skillage
Whatever your feeling are towards video sharing social networking site youtube, whether you hate it for rocketing Justin Beiber to super stardom or love it for numerous videos of adorable cats doing adorable things, you have to admit it is an excellent time waister!! It should receive an award for its services to procrastinaters around the world, with Twitter coming a close second. However this master of distraction is hiding a peice of gold from us super skrimping students, video tutorials. If you can for one moment draw yourself away from watching The Duck Song for the millionth time just try to typing How To... in your search bar.
Here is where tip no 3 comes in. Learn a new skill. Theres so many you could try. You can find turtorials from how to knit, how to fix, how to morris dance. The list is endless. Try and go for something you dont need equipment for. My housemate and I found ourself in a very uncomfortable position learning the basics of yoga in the comfort of our living room; no gym fee, no snotty yummy mummys glaring the shit out of us, and the trainers were great, even when you nipped out for a fag halfway through she say your doing great. Okay so perhaps thats not the best example of commitment, but set yourself a challenge, and give yourself a deadline. I'm learning how to do the perfect manicures, my friends learning to sew and my boyfriends learning how to fit a new gadget to his little peugot 106.
Learn a new skill. Keeping entertained. Saving Money - i beleive thats a hattrick! Perhaps i should learn some football terminology to?

4. Swap it
Remember all those fab skills you've just learnt? Well lets put them to good use! I really wanted some new cusion covers to decorate my house. Knowing what a fabuolous sewer my bestie now is I called her for a little favour. In return for some gorgeous pillow covers i painted her nails in a funky dotty design. So your skills not just saving you money but your friends to, and your getting a helping hand in return!

5. Book some time at the library
Remember those last days at university before you left, think really hard and you may vaguely remember your teachers mentioning something about a READINGLIST! It depends on your course but most of us will have been given a list of maybe 5-6 books - if your lucky (i have 22) to read over the summer. These books probably wont be in a public library, and if you find a substitute its probably not to the right academic standard you need. Dont fret, if you didnt have a chance to pick up your books before you left, there's a free alternative!!! Dont scourer amazon for all your books, contact your university for a Sconel Card. Think of this card like VIP Entry. It gets you accsess into most other university librarys in the country. You can start your revision and dont have to to trek back to where your studying! These are great, not just for studying but for finding other resources. Wana make your essays really sparkle. Perhaps make a visit back home and have nosy though there books, and maybe you'll find something new to make your essay really stick out (hopefully for good reasons).

To get a Sconal card you will have to be registered with the university and therefore Freshers cant get one. Some Universitys will let you in the library as a visitor, i've done this at Reading University before (which has a fantastic library). However dont fret, most the books on your reading list are the basics, books you may need to buy for the whole course. If they are then pop onto some second hand bank websites, my favourite is and have a look there. Just make sure its the right edition your buy. Books get updated all the time, dont payout for a book that outdated! If that doesnt work and scouring amazonn has left you short, try and contact the university, most have bookshops already on campus selling used books, or they will know somewhere that will. Try and contact your faculty, they'll have the best idea for your subject.

Happy Saving

Got any tips, post a comment!

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