Friday, 14 September 2012

Saving oney is good for your health

Just a quick Magic Bean for you today,

Something you may not think about when you get to University. Hopefully they've had you change your doctor to a srugery near the University. But they may not have told you about the NHS Low Income Support certificate you can get for help with prescriptions, glass and dentisitry

I don't want to tell you false infromation so I've just popped a link down for you here. Fill in a form and send it off (you can get a form from any GP)  and see if you qualify for help with prescription costs.

Have a good weekend Beans,
Much love,
Hannah Emily Rose.

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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Food glorious food!


Hope all you Beans are well and settle into your new digs. Some of you will be frantically packing, other frantically unpacking, but take a chill pill just for a min and sit to read you fav blog!

Yesterday i did a little guide to moving in and realised that there was far to much to talk about in one post. So leets break it down a little bit more. So for you lucky beans today im taking you through a little guide to supermarket shopping

My Top 5 tips for Supermarket success

1. "Such a cheapskate" 
You've got to the store, you've nabbed your trolley where do you head..... All retail stores, including food shops have uber-smart and crafty retail people that creat a customer journey. It lead you round the store in a particular way "assisting" you but particular (more expensive) products. Dont fall for it. Most stores have reduced sections. My local tesco has two! Head there first!!! You may seem like a cheapskate to all your friend but this is one of the best ways of being able to afford some nicer products. Meat for example. The other day i picked up 6 pork loin steaks for £1.89., cooked one for me dinner and the rest went in the freezer. Cheap as chips!!! Well... actually cheaper

2. Jo Brand
Sorry No Brand! I know my puns really are dreadful. This is so simple and i know you all know it. But tesco shampoo and fancy shampoo - both wash your hair!!!!!! Tesco value ham, tastes pretty darn similar to the branded stuff! Cereal is the worst offender. Some of my housemates were buying 2 packet of £3 cereal a week when tesco did an alternative for 60% less. Just give it ago, some times you can be surprised. Im a sainsburys value range tea convert. Its better than most brands ive ever had!

3. Join the club
Normally you say loyalty card to me and I run in another direction. But supermarkets is a whole new kettle of fish! Sainsburys Nectar points and Tesco clubcard is your way of earning back a little bit of money to spend ion store. Or reward points to spend on swanky meals, holiday or themepark tickets!!! Dont mistake this with the credit card. You just want the card that you wsipe or scan at the till point.
In my year at uni ive earnt £10 of points. I still have no idea what im doing ith them, but im sure i'll post about it when ive spent them

4. Super Market Super Team
Ever wondered why, when you go to the shop for just you it coomes to £30 and when your mum goes it comes to £50 for 3 more people!!  Thats cause you need to team up. Perhaps not in your fisrt week, you want to suss out who you want to go together with. But perhaps jsut sharing some items will reduce both your bills. Like bread eggs, milk, vegtables. All the things that have quick sell by dates. Buy together and you'll hopefully reduce your waste to!

5. Trolley Dolly
Simple but effective. When you put things into a basket you end up piling it on top of each other and not thinking about how much money you can be spending. Get a nice big trolley and then you can keep an eye on your budget!

Hope you have enjoyed my frugal Beans
It bean fun

I'll go now
Love Mummy Bean

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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Flying the nest

Hello Beans

I would tell you to slap me on the wrist, but beans dont have wrists....
I've been away on a bit of a budget holiday and have been a little bit neglectful. But im back! Today marks one week till I move into my house at Universitiy. BOM,BOM,BOM. Theres so much to do!! Im also well aware some of you Uni student will have already moved and some of you will be enjoying your freshers week! So I'm going to try and do a few different posts for everyone this week.

So a bit of a catch up. I'm about to go into my second yeat at University of Winchester studying drama. I live with two fantastic girls in a little flat near the uni, when of course im not with M+D in Yateley. The boyfriend has been kind enough  to take me up to Winchester over the summer so A. I can keep my university job and B. To move some stuff in a little early. Studying drama I am near depresssed to find out iwill only be studying 6 hours a week for the first semester so I have spent this summer starting budget projects to continue in my "study time". I'm a bargain hunter, a homemade princess, I've had to be tight on the purse strings... how else will i find the money for my expensive shoe habit! So now I'm trying to pass down a bit of knowledge, some i got from  M+D and other stuff I've learnt from First year Fresher mishaps! But all I hope, will help you have a great first year at University, withoutspending a fortune!

Enough about myself. Lets be on with the blog. Today im going to give you my little tips to help you in your first week of halls, without blowing the budget

My top 5 Tips of Moving into halls!

1. Feeding the Five thousand
For alot of people first time away from home means the first time you will be doing all your food shopping... how exciting!....... Some fo your parents will stock you up and other let you fly the nest and fend for yourself, but dont blow your student loan in one week! Cheapest places to shop are of course supermarkets. Unfortunatly not all universitys have them in walking distance, my nearest big supermarket was 45 minuteses walk away when i lived in halls. A bit of a bitch if you have a lot of bags.. or ice cream XD. Im lucky enough that my boy used to take me and my housemates to stock up occasionaly, but when he wasnt around i used to get the free bus. My supermarkets operate these buses once a week to take you too and from the store for free. Fab! If you either dont have one in your area or its not on the right day, dont assume that the regular bus will be cheaper. If your going in a group of 4 or more the bus would cost you over a £10 in some areas, and take you all around the houses. Sharing the cost of taxi may not only be quicker but save a little cash too.
I have suddunly reaslised how much i could write about this shopping malarky, so i think tommorow may have to be a bit of a guide to the likes of Tescos!

2. Making a halls a home
For me, the strangest bit about halls was how bare the room is when you come into the room. YOu really have to try to make the room feel homly. But dont blow the budget!! Next year you may be in a house with a double bed or furnished so dont spend a fortune on a duvet that you may end up just having to store the next year. I am very guilty of this!!! I just used a tesco value duvet and blankets if i got cold. Brought a reasonable duvet cover from primark and already the room felt a bit more liek mine. I covered my walls in pictures at univesity. But all those photos can be pricey!!!! Print them off yourself and your going to drain your printer. So if your printing over 10 pictures pop to your tesco, boots or asda and use their photo service. The more photos you print the more the price of each print goes down. So ask your friends at home too if they want anything printed,. Dont give into the instant print either. At tesco this will cost you sometime 150% more!!! Be patient and you can save yourself some cash.

3. Meet and Greet
Meeting new people is daunting enough. My current housemate for this yeat was greated by my mother, who practically attempted to adopt her the moment she saw her. First of all, get mum out the way!!! And what i found really worked was a little girt from home. Some people just brought a tin of sweeties but a batched of homebaked cookies of cakes will do the trick too! If your crap at cooking, tesco do a chocolate cookie mix for 80p! No-one wil ever know!

4. Bills, Bills, Bills
Don't be ashamed to admit we all mis M+D now and then. We can end up on the phone for hours with friends and family but watch that phone bill!. Skype is an excelent free alternative and if you get yourself a webcam you can see your friends too!! The boy has even got skype on his phone so i can call him off my laptop to his phone at any time of the day for free. So it makes all the I love yous a little bit cheaper

5. Playtime!
Bonding with your housemates can be so tricky. Go to the pub and theres so many new people you may just end up in silence the whole night. My and my housemates just used a simplae games of sticky face. Pack of post-it notes and pen is all you need. Write the name of a person that they will either know or have heard of. My favourite was always fireman Sam... or Jesus. and stick the post-it note to their head. You then go round each asking a question about the person on your head and let the hilarity begin. A girl in my house last year had Obama and when we told her it was the presdient of the USA she sat dumbfonded for a while before proclaming the BAMA BAMA BAMA. Was his name. Don't worry, she isnt studying politics.

Hope your all settling in well
Much Love Beans


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