Thursday, 13 September 2012

Food glorious food!


Hope all you Beans are well and settle into your new digs. Some of you will be frantically packing, other frantically unpacking, but take a chill pill just for a min and sit to read you fav blog!

Yesterday i did a little guide to moving in and realised that there was far to much to talk about in one post. So leets break it down a little bit more. So for you lucky beans today im taking you through a little guide to supermarket shopping

My Top 5 tips for Supermarket success

1. "Such a cheapskate" 
You've got to the store, you've nabbed your trolley where do you head..... All retail stores, including food shops have uber-smart and crafty retail people that creat a customer journey. It lead you round the store in a particular way "assisting" you but particular (more expensive) products. Dont fall for it. Most stores have reduced sections. My local tesco has two! Head there first!!! You may seem like a cheapskate to all your friend but this is one of the best ways of being able to afford some nicer products. Meat for example. The other day i picked up 6 pork loin steaks for £1.89., cooked one for me dinner and the rest went in the freezer. Cheap as chips!!! Well... actually cheaper

2. Jo Brand
Sorry No Brand! I know my puns really are dreadful. This is so simple and i know you all know it. But tesco shampoo and fancy shampoo - both wash your hair!!!!!! Tesco value ham, tastes pretty darn similar to the branded stuff! Cereal is the worst offender. Some of my housemates were buying 2 packet of £3 cereal a week when tesco did an alternative for 60% less. Just give it ago, some times you can be surprised. Im a sainsburys value range tea convert. Its better than most brands ive ever had!

3. Join the club
Normally you say loyalty card to me and I run in another direction. But supermarkets is a whole new kettle of fish! Sainsburys Nectar points and Tesco clubcard is your way of earning back a little bit of money to spend ion store. Or reward points to spend on swanky meals, holiday or themepark tickets!!! Dont mistake this with the credit card. You just want the card that you wsipe or scan at the till point.
In my year at uni ive earnt £10 of points. I still have no idea what im doing ith them, but im sure i'll post about it when ive spent them

4. Super Market Super Team
Ever wondered why, when you go to the shop for just you it coomes to £30 and when your mum goes it comes to £50 for 3 more people!!  Thats cause you need to team up. Perhaps not in your fisrt week, you want to suss out who you want to go together with. But perhaps jsut sharing some items will reduce both your bills. Like bread eggs, milk, vegtables. All the things that have quick sell by dates. Buy together and you'll hopefully reduce your waste to!

5. Trolley Dolly
Simple but effective. When you put things into a basket you end up piling it on top of each other and not thinking about how much money you can be spending. Get a nice big trolley and then you can keep an eye on your budget!

Hope you have enjoyed my frugal Beans
It bean fun

I'll go now
Love Mummy Bean

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