Monday, 23 July 2012

Bad Bean

Good morning Beans,

Let me begin this blog with my sincerest apologies. My mission to save us beans one dot at a time perhaps slipped my mind for a moment as the boyfriend and myself played host to some of our besties for a bbq! Om nomnomnomnom I hear you say!
Of course our bbq was done budget style! BYOM (Bring your own meat) on the invite and i made some fantastic barbecued choccy bananas for after! Just nipped down to our off licence for some beer and some fizzy drink, raided the freezer for meat to defrost and found some packets of crisps left over from x-mas (still in date) and we were off.  Really wishing id got a picture of the bananas... looks like im just guna have to make some more this week. Of course all for the sake of the blog!!

Some in Lew of my post yesterday I'm going to give you my five top ten tips for the perfect summer bbq that wont burn a hole in your wallet

1. The BBQ Bucket
No im not suggesting you nip down to KFC! The BBQ Bucket is a new nifty BBQ that's great for at home, while camping and out on the beach. The one i brought the boyfriend was about as deep as a can of beer and as wide as a Frisbee, no need to raise it on blocks or rocks the bucket does that for you and it comes in lots of nifty colours too. So don't keep buying disposable bbq at £4 a pop. Spend a tenner on this BBQ Bucket and it will last you a few years too!

You heard of Bring Your Own Booze? While i make most my BBQ Bring Your Own Meat. Now a days everyone has different food requirements allergies, vegetarians and some of us who want to loose a few pounds (of weight that is)! Meat can get mighty expensive so i personally like to make some veggie kebabs with Everyday Value mini chicken breast £2 at tesco. Last night cost me £4 for me and the boyfriend and i even had some left over to pop with some couscous for work today.
You could always take a leaf out of Mama Beans book. My mum makes BBQ Potluck, everyone picks out the hat and brings something, then she bulk buys all the meat and rolls!

3. Your bit on the side
I love a bit of potato salad or egg kedgeree on the side of my burger. But don't go and buy those ready made ones from the supermarkets. Save some beans and make them at home. Try some boiled new potato's with some chopped hard boiled egg and some salad veggies of your choosing, all mixed with a little mayonnaise and your sorted! If you want a healthier side make coleslaw from shredded cabbage and carrot with a bit of Greek yogurt

4. Poor me Poor me Pour me a drink
When i think of A BBQ two things come to mind. My boyfriend accidentally burning down the house. It will happen one day! And i also think of Pimms! Out in the sun, with all your mates, glass of cool pimms in your hand, sorted. But its a little less relaxing once you see the price tag. Why don't you try going for the smaller brands; sainsburys has pitchers, asda has players. These tend to be half the price of regular pimms and i know i cant tast the difference.
You can make non-alcoholic pimms to at a fraction of a price to! Before you recoil in horror at the ingredients let me finish the whole recipe first the lids worth of good luxury balsamic vinegar, diet lemonade and a sprig of mint. Chuck in a punch fruit and your ready to go. Even the guests with the most delicate of palettes wouldn't guess the difference

5. Play the game
With the Olympics right around the corner, living in the host country everyone is getting major excited! Why don't you make your BBQ different by doing an Olympic theme! You could try Olympic rings; Pick up some cheap donuts from a supermarket and ice them different colours to look like the rings, or use pepper rings for something a little healthier! Last Olympics me and my dad created an obstacle course with all my old toys from the shed and got a pack of ten cheap medals for £1 in tesco, and we made a winners burger topped of with extra cheese, sauce and salad. Just adds a little extra to the party and gives the boys an excuse to be watching beach volleyball in the background

Another week of work ahead and I'm already yawning. Really starting to miss term time, sleeping all day, becoming addicted to BBC Iplayer and becoming so lazy i once left the washing up for 3 days waiting for the boyfriend to come visit!

See you later my BBQ Beans

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