Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Dear Students

Dear Students,

When you're a student living within your means is really important. But no where near as important as Booze, Jeremy Kyle, and lie-ins! Do be Serious! By the end of the year half  my housemates found themselves living on beans. Beans on toast, beans on potato, even beans straight out the tin. My names Hannah, I'm studying Drama at The University of Winchester, just about to go into my second year and I'm determined not to repeat some of my rookie mistakes of my freshers year.
Your first year at university is many things, exciting, scary, hazy (depending on the amount of alcohol you've consumed'). There's one thing it ain't.... cheap. Whether you have a loan, a job or just rely on the bank of mum and Dad, us students are constantly finding our wallets empty and our purse strings tied very tight. Alongside studying, making friends and missing our parents (we all do just a bit) this is the first time most of us Young Adults have been in charge of our own finances. Tuition fees have risen and some students beginning their course this year will finish university with debts of over £25,000! That's just on tuition , you still have to pay for the roof over your head and the food in your belly, nevermind books, supplies, even booze.
I'd like to change that. Everyone these days seems to budgeting, yummy mummies, old grannies, even our politicians, and know its time us students do the same. Living within your means doesn't have to mean living on beans though. I'm guna share with you lot my attempt to be a student on a budget.
New students, old students, and whoever else has the Internet; Living on Beans.


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