Thursday, 16 August 2012

Get fit for not even a fiver!!

Hey Healthy Beans!

Apologies for such a late bog, i did write this on monday but i didn't press the publish button!!! silly me!
I have mentioned before I am on diet as all these pesky beans are great because they are low in fat!! But you can't just diet to lose weight you gotta get exercising too!

Here are my 5 top tips for losing pounds without losing the pennies

1. Coach potato to athletic sensations
Watching the Olympics, thinking you could do tat, of course you can!!! Well no probably not. But you may get inspired to take up one of the sport you see on the telly! But some of these sport can get pricey. The average price of a judo class is £6 a session. Do really learn a sport and to get fit you should be exercising 3 times a week so thee classes could cost you £18 a week or £78 a month! But there are tonnes of sports you can do for free and I've found one where your not even on your own! C25K, you may have heard of it. An NHS course run by Cool Running is a plan to get you from running for 1 minute to 30! I'm on week 3 at the moment in which you run 1 and a half minutes the rest then 3 minutes then rest and repeat. You need to be committed and it will work mum can now run for 20 minutes!

 Here is a link

2. Guna ride my bike until i get old
Want to save money on fuel and exercise, get cycling! I've nicked my mums bike and ave just been doing lots of different local routes working up my miles. Try and time your self and measure the route - i put it into Google and use an album tat i can know the exact timing of to cycle too. Eventually your stamina will improve and you'll be able to do longer and longer distances

3. Beans beans the musical fruit
Ever seen all that fancy gym equipment and wondered how expensive is it. Free, AND IN YOUR CUPBOARD! To get rid of your bingo wings, while your watching the telly pick up a tin of beans and use these as weights! Yours stairs are fantastic as steps, i pop my laptop onto about the fifth step and get stepping for a good 30 minutes. Have a mosey on youtube and you'll find free tutorials on so many fitness routines from cardio to yoga. Not costing you any pennies

4. And that little piggy went wiiiiii all the way home
If whats putting you of exercise is leaving the house don't panic, tonnes of people would be frightened. So look whats in your house. My parent brought the wii fit 2 years ago and its nearly gone unused. So get on it make a profile and have a gone. Dont have one? Then pop to the charity shop and i guarantee they will have an exercise DVD or two to pick from. Cheap as chips - well cheap as potato wedges done in fry-light!

5. There is no better price than free
Gyms and slimming clubs are always looking to get new members so have a spy about and find out what deals they have. I have some fab news, Kinetic Gyms are offering a free 5day pass. Even if you jut pop for a swim or to a zumba that's still £5 saved! If you really are set on joining a gym the have look at local university's, most take members of the public but can be half the price of some chain gyms!

Remember your 5 top tips a day!!!

Love Hannah

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