Thursday, 2 August 2012

A little bit of T.L.C

Good evening Beans.
Been having a massive tidy up today but now my room is spotless i treated myself to a little TLC. Some off us girls will head to a spa or salon but I did it the budget bean way!! I told you a few weeks ago about my youtube tutorials i watch. Well Ive gone from novice nail design to a pro and i thought i'd do you a little tutorial. This was a new one that i'd never practiced before so don't judge to hard! But here is how to get V.I.P Nails ...

1. Here's what you need...

2. Give your hands a good scrub!! I use Soap & Glory...

2. Choose and paint a base coat...

3.Apply some scotch tape creating an upside down v shape

4. Paint a second coat in a different. I went for a black against my bold pink!!!!

5. Top it off with a clear coat and a spritz of hairspray to make it dry a little faster

And there you have it! A cheap way to get fabulous nails that everyone will notice!!!
Enjoy your beans

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